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    Pluggable Transceivers

Pluggable Transceivers

SFPs and XFPs are small form factor, modular "pluggable" transceivers which allow for a single piece of network equipment to be connected to a multitude of interfaces, protocols, and transmission media via the SFP/XFP port.

Small Form Pluggables offer a cost effective and flexible means to accommodate for network modifications and growth, while still using existing network devices.

Transceiver technology vastly increases the flexibility of network devices with improved product reliability and longevity. SFP and XFP transceivers may be used interchangeably in standards-compliant devices.

Interchangeable transceivers allow a single device to operate with a wide selection of media and protocols. Upgrading the media used on a port requires only seconds with a hot-swap SFP or XFP, once the new media is in place. New CFP transceivers enable 100G transport for modules that support the CFP form factor.

Sol Distribution can supply a wide range of pluggable transceivers from a wide range of manufacturers including Transition Networks and MRV Communications.

All of Transition’s SFPs and XFPs are compliant with the Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) ensuring interoperability with all other MSA compliant networking devices.

MRV Communications offers a full line of pluggable transceiver options fully integrated with our optical and packet networking solutions. The MRV pluggable transceivers operate in MRV devices or most other devices that comply with industry standards.


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